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The Laboratory of molecular diagnostic (LDM) is a company authorized and specialized by the competent Authority in the application of molecular biology to diagnosis of genetic diseases, in the detection of microorganisms DNA/RNA and in the forensic genetic analyses.

Our analyses

Genetic tests

Genetic tests allow to highlight human DNA mutations or polymorphisms which are either responsible of the arise of genetic diseases or correlated to the increased risk of developing pathologies.


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Microbiological analyses

Microbiological analyses aim to the detection of DNA/RNA of microorganisms either in case of lack of reliability with classical analyses (culturing, serological or microbiological types) or in case they request a too lonf time for results.


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Forensic analyses

In recent years molecular analyzes have gained more and more importance for their applications in the field of forensic medicine. In this context , the Laboratory of Molecular Diagnostics (LDM) has got the technologies, the authorizations and the expertise to ensure the quality required by the Federal Department of Justice and Police and the Swiss Society of Legal Medicine.


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Paternity test

The DNA analysis to verify paternity is a method, which is nowadays worldwide recognized by the legal medicine society. The analysis, also called DNA fingerprint, is based on the length of a series of DNA fragments. These fragments have a repetitive sequence (STR, short tandem repeat): an out-and-out genetic and individual identity card.


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Quality, efficiency and competitiveness

The quality of the Laboratory of Molecular Diagnostic is certified by the autorisation of Swissmedic and by the Swiss Accreditation Service SAS as ISO/IEC 17025, which is the national standard regarding laboratory analyses and research institutes.



The Laboratory of molecular diagnostics (LDM) has partnerships and collaborations with scientific institutes and research centers.


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