Dr. Ph.D. Michel Bottinelli

Responsible of the Forensic Genetic Unit


Born in 1972 in Lausanne, is currently working with the Laboratory of Molecular Diagnostics (LDM). In 1999 he obtained his Bachelor in Natural Science  doing a thesis in Microbiology entitled "Toxic bloom of the cyanobacterium Microcystis wesenbergii in a shallow lake ( Lago di Muzzano , CH )” with Prof. Annamaria Sanangelantoni at the Department of Genetics and Microbiology, University of Pavia ( Italy ). In 2001 he received a Master in molecular ecology at the University of Geneva, Switzerland.


In 2006 he obtained a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Raffaele Peduzzi, at the Department of Botany and Plant Biology, University of Geneva (CH) entitled " À l' étude des Approche moléculaire bactéries sulfate -réductrices et des Archaea methanogenes dans les sédiments Cadagno et des lacs Rotsee " ( ISBN2-940153-70-1 ). Parallel to the doctoral thesis 2002-2005 he teached part-time at Professional Schools Craft and Industrial Lugano and Mendrisio respectively, as a professor of chemistry, botany and knowledge of drugs and at the Medical High School Technique inLugano as a teacher of chemistry and physics. In 2011 he obtains the title of forensic geneticist of the Swiss Society of Legal Medicine at the " Unité de Génétique Forensique du CURML Lausanne ". Professional experiences have allowed him to learn and build friendships with colleagues, students, teachers , police officers and more to draw lessons from a variety of possible significant people of the field as the comm . Emilio Scossa- Baggi, Prof . F. Taroni, Prof. C. Champod, Prof . L. Fumagalli, Prof . P. Margot, and all the heads of the various units of forensic genetics of the swiss Legal Medecine Institutes. Since 2011 he is the Head of the Forensic Genetics Unit at the Laboratorio di Diagnostica Molecolare in Lugano.


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