Know-how transfer

Thanks to a consolidated and technological know-how and to the experience of the last years, LDM can upon request "clonate" his own business model.

In particular, the LDM offers to laboratories which are not specialized in molecular diagnostic the possibility to access to his know-how (analyses, proficiency, etc…).

To this aim LDM is in the position to analyze and setup the following:

  • Protocols of tests (methods, validations, results interpretation)
  • Operative organization
  • Equipment and technologies
  • Reports and quality control
  • Team education
  • Management and financing

Case-History: the "Centre de Diagnostic Moléculaire"

In 2002 the model of the Laboratory of LDM was cloned, creating a new structure: the Centre de Diagnostic Moléculaire (CDM) in Friburg.

The entire know-how of the LDM was transferred to the joint-venture company, partially controlled by LDM. The entire transfer of know-how “keys in hand”, including education of the personnel was realized in less than 6 months. CDM was active on the swiss-french market for more than 5 years, then it was merged with another company.

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