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A genetic test examines the genetic information contained within a person's cells, called DNA. Each person's DNA is a unique blueprint, providing instructions on a person's physical traits, such as eye color, hair texture, height, and different states of health.


DNA is a molecule shaped like a spiral staircase. The long DNA molecules in our cells are organized into pieces called chromosomes. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, and the chromosomes are further organized into short segments of DNA called genes.


Cells use the information written in our genes to make proteins. Some proteins give cells their shape and structure. Others help cells carry out biological processes such as digesting food or transporting oxygen in the blood. In genetic testing, scientists scan a patient's DNA sample to detect changed sequences. A DNA sample for genetic testing can be obtained from any tissue, including blood and a variety of biological fluids, such as amniotic fluid and saliva. Reliable genetic analysis begins with proper collection of DNA samples. Swiss legislation contemplates the analysis of "genetic tests without a medical reason" which, for example, provide knowledge about sporting abilities and optimal nutrition. Until now, the law has mainly regulated genetic tests relating to medical issues and paternity tests. It now also includes these genetic tests (for a more extensive explanation see also The following health professionals, dieticians, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths can prescribe genetic tests for physiological characteristics such as, for example, metabolic genetic tests to optimize nutrition, genetic tests that give information on the conformation of the muscles, for example, to choose the appropriate sporting discipline.


The LDM DNA Saliva Kit offers a non-invasive, reliable, and easy-to-use sample collection method, enabling the collection of high-quality, high-quantity DNA and decreasing the complexity of sample transportation, handling and storage at room temperature. Given the great stability of the DNA molecule, the sample can be sent using the standard postal system.


LDM Lifestyle DNA tests are performed in Switzerland by a facility authorized by the Federal Department of Health, the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory of Lugano, which employs trained personnel, using an analytically validated process. Although genetic testing can provide important information about health conditions and their prevention, there are limitations. For example, in a healthy person, a positive genetic test result does not mean that he or she will develop a different state of health than the current one. On the other hand, in some situations, a negative result does not guarantee that you will not have a certain disorder. Test results are intended for educational purposes only and not for diagnostic use. Any findings from the analysis of genome sequence information that may be deemed relevant should be confirmed using alternative tests with specialist advice.

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Gut microbiota refers to the entire population of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, parasites and non-pathogenic fungi) that live in our gastro-intestinal tract.

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