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The Laboratory of molecular diagnostic (LDM) is a company authorized and specialized by the competent Authority in the application of molecular biology to diagnosis of genetic diseases, in the detection of microorganisms DNA/RNA and in the forensic genetic analyses.

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Lifestyle analyses

Our tests available without a prescription are authorized by the Federal Department of Health. Choose the type of analysis and order conveniently online.


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Paternity test

DNA analysis for paternity checks is a method now recognized throughout the world. The LDM test is also legally valid.


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Medical analysis

All medical tests available by prescription or ordered by your doctor.



Our medical analyses

Gut Microbiota

The microbiota test is useful because it provides a detailed analysis of its composition and a verification of its balance. Furthermore, the outcome of this test makes it possible to take specific corrective actions that can restore its proper functioning through.

Quality, efficiency and competitiveness

The quality of the Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory (LDM) is guaranteed by the authorization from Swissmedic for medical and microbiological analyses and by the SAS accreditation for forensic genetics according to the international standard for testing and calibration laboratories, ISO/IEC 17025.



The Laboratory of molecular diagnostics (LDM) has partnerships and collaborations with scientific institutes and research centers.


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