The Laboratory of molecular diagnostic (LDM) is a company authorized and specialized by the competent Authority in the application of molecular biology to diagnosis of genetic diseases, in the detection of microorganisms DNA/RNA and in the forensic genetic analyses as authorized by the Swiss Department of Justice and Police in Bern. .


The company was established in 1998 in Lugano, where it still is, and it is the first Swiss laboratory specifically and exclusively dedicated to molecular analyses, daily performed by means of PCR (DNA amplification) and sequencing.


After 16 years of activity with swiss and foreign customers the laboratory has gained gratitude and reliability, especially working both with public and private hospitals and with analyses laboratories and medical studies both in Swiss and abroad. Furthermore, the Laboratory has always invested in update and applied research.


The Laboratory of molecular diagnostic (LDM) is accredited by the SAS in Bern, Switzerland with a certificate. Analyses are accomplished and delivered on a dayly basis, the staff boasts of an advanced education, making the Laboratory of Molecular Diagnostics (LDM) an established reality in Switzerland.

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