Paternity test

The DNA analysis to verify paternity is a method, which is nowadays worldwide recognized by the legal medicine society. The analysis, also called DNA fingerprint, is based on the length of a series of DNA fragments. These fragments have a repetitive sequence (STR, short tandem repeat): an out-and-out genetic and individual identity card. The test allows to exclude for certain a supposed father, but also to attribute the fatherhood with an high probability level (99.99%).

Sample taking: it’s not invasive: oral smear (the material is furnished by the laboratory).

Delivery time: from 2 to 4 weeks. The report will be personally given to the involved people. No information will be given by phone.

Price: 1'100.- francs (+IVA) per supposed father, mother and child. 400.- francs (+IVA) per additional people.

Documents: A document is required (identity card, passport or residency permit). Without an official document, it’s required a birth certificate for the child. Without no one of the required documents, the analysis won’t be carried out.

Qualified laboratory: the Laboratory of molecular diagnostic in Lugano follows the “federal law on genetic exams on the human being” (LEGU, 810.12)” and it’s licensed by the law ISO 17025. This mark of quality, which is given by the Swiss Accreditation Service (, confirms the technical competences regarding every performance.

Particular dispositions: the laboratory supposes that people who require this kind of analysis are in concert. If they’re not, a lawyer is required. Moreover, children who are older than 12 years old must be informed about the sample taking and about the possible psychological consequences. 



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