The Direction Team

The Laboratory of molecular diagnostic (LDM) is organized as a Limited Company and its supervision is committed to Dr. Gianni Soldati (CEO), Dr. FAMH Mauro Gola (Director of medical genetic analyses), Dr. FAMH Franca Baggi (Quality Manager and Director of microbiological analyses) and Dr. Michel Bottinelli, forensic geneticist (Director of forensic genetic analyses).


All analyses are accomplished at LDM by qualified personnel with academic background. The Laboratory of molecular diagnostic (LDM) is organized and managed on the base of the most strict international protocols, in order to guarantee the highest level of security and efficiency. 



Dr. Ph.D. Gianni Soldati, CEO
Dr. Ph.D. FAMH Mauro Gola, Scientific Director, Responsible for medical genetics
Dr.ssa Ph.D. FAMH Franca Baggi, Scientific Director, Responsible for microbiology and Quality Managment
Dr. Ph.D. Michel Bottinelli, Scientific Director, Responsible for Forensic Genetic






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