Forensic analyses

In recent years molecular analyzes have gained more and more importance for their applications in the field of forensic medicine. In this context , the Laboratory of Molecular Diagnostics (LDM) has got the technologies, the authorizations and the expertise to ensure the quality required by the Federal Department of Justice and Police and the Swiss Society of Legal Medicine .


The Unit of forensic genetics responds to requests for identification of genetic profiles in cases of:

  1. - Assessment / denial of paternity / maternity,
  2. - Reunification with family,
  3. - Identification in the event of discovery of the corpse to identity,
  4. - Identification of individuals involved in criminal proceedings based on artifacts found at the crime scene ,
  5. - In the case of sexual violence, identifying the biological samples taken on people who have suffered violence .


The Unit of Forensic Genetics Laboratory of Molecular Diagnostics (LDM) is also integrated in the federal context, working with the federal departments of forensic genetics on Swiss territory (IRM Zürich , IRM Bern, Lausanne CURML, IRM Aarau, St. Gallen IRM and IRM Basel) . At cantonal level also responds to the demands of the cantonal Police Scientific, the Judiciary, the cantonal Courts, the services in immigration and asylum , as well as of course to the local population (for paternity tests) .

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